Science life. Proceedings of LAS. Section A. Vol. 75 (2), 2021

Excellent co-operation: Latvian archaeology manual

Janīna Kursīte

Keywords: archaeology manual, topics and sections, authors

At the beginning of this year, “Zinātne Publishers” has issued the Latvian Archaeology Manual prepared by forty-eight authors. The author of the article describes the published extensive survey of the branch of archaeology in Latvia, comparing it to the book popularising archaeology, published sixty years ago by Jānis Graudonis and Vladislavs Urtāns, Traces of Antiquity, and noting the innovations of the freshly published manual.

Late medieval chants of Riga, Hamburg, Lund, and Limoges, vox clara

Guntars Prānis

Keywords: Latvia, Gregorian chant of Riga, theory and practice of medieval chants

The article reports the album Vox clara issued in 2020, dwells on the purpose of its issuance, the content of the album, and its importance in identifying and preserving Latvian culture. Gregorian chants are the first written recordings of music in the history of Latvian music. Written records of the chants can be found in Riga’s missal, which allows the ancient music to be studied, analysed, and played. The main intention and purpose of the album Vox clara
is discovering the traditions of Gregorian chants in Latvia compared to the music traditions of other medieval European cities.

Liepāja’s music history is forming

Arnolds Klotiņš

Keywords: Liepāja, music traditions, artists’ destinies

The article reports a broad study of Liepāja’s music history. The first results of the study are recorded in both scientific publications and reports, as well as digital free-access information materials. A video film, “Liepāja Symphony Orchestra — Road to Music”, has been created. The field of study is extensive and still not covered, and the work is going on.