Science life. Proceedings of LAS. Section A. Vol. 74 (3), 2020

Evolution of value awareness in society during and after periods of physical or emotional concussions

The article reports on the meeting of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Latvian Academy of Sciences that due to external situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic first in the history of LAS was held by means of the electronic communication. Participants of the meeting could study and comment Dr.oec. Andrejs Mūrnieks’s essay and the comments “Being and Freedom. What to do with borders?”, to consider the psychoemotional impact of the emergency situation and its sustainability in human society, and learned about the Church’s offer to modern society in times of crisis.

Latvian People’s Front division of the Academy of Sciences in promoting restoration processes of the Republic of Latvia (1989–1999)

Jānis Trakšs, Irena Pundure

Latvian Peoples Front’s division of the Latvian Academy of Sciences has taken important role in restoration of Latvia’s statehood, citizenship and other issues. Some of elaborated drafts of normative documents and analysed items are still topical, especially regarding financing of science and research, cancelling of daylight saving time and other. The article informs about some of them.