Science life. Proceedings of LAS. Section A. Vol. 73 (4), 2019

A significant contribution to poetics studies

Rūta Muktupāvela

Review on the recently published book

Rector of the Latvian Academy of Culture prof. Rūta Muktupāvela considers that recent publication of Full member of Latvian Academy of Sciences Dr. Vaira-Vīķe Freiberga “The Singer of Songs. On cognitive schemes and sequential structuring in longer Latvian folk songs” (in English) is a fundamental interdisciplinary scientific study and important contribution to the international research of the cognitive theory of poetry. The study is devoted to the analysis of so-called “long songs”. Theoretically the study is based on cognitions of the famous American comparativist, investigator of epic poems and ballads Albert Bates Lord. The book belongs to the class of academic publications, yet its content is attractive not only for specialists but also for wider scope of readers.
Key words: monograph, long songs, Latvian verbally mentality

A book about Missale Rigense

Andris Amoliņš

Review on the recently published book

In the expanded review (14 pp.)Dr.phil.nat. Andris Amoliņš reveals the importance as well as shortcomings of the massive monograph “Missale rigense Livonijas garīgajā kultūrā. Gregoriskie dziedājumi viduslaiku Rīgā” written by prof. Guntars Prānis, Rector of the Latvian Academy of Music. Missale rigense (liturgies book) is a unique monument of written texts in Latvia. In his monograph G. Prānis focuses mainly on the musical values of the Missale rigense. This is understandable as far as G. Prānis himself is a researcher , perfomer and teacher of the ancient music, especially the Gregorian chant , pioneer in this field in Latvia. The author of the review concludes with a conviction that the monograph of G. Prānis is a large step in the exploration of the heritage of the catholic culture.

Key words: divine service, Gregorian chant, liturgical books, missale

Sāvs nāk. Sāviena

Jānis Zilgalvis

Review on the recently published book

Sāvs is a lake, and Sāviena is a settlement around it, that has attracted attention of archaeologist Juris Urtāns. Review of Jānis Zilgalvis is devoted to the book that tells reader about the recent investigations and findings not only on the surface around the lake, but also in the lake Sāvs. The book reveals findings of seven researchers in different sectors: archaeology of Saviena lake, including findings in the place where there could be underwater settlement, study on the names of local dwelling houses, study on Saviena’s manor, study on traditional music in Saviena and Ļaudona, photo-book of Sāviena, folklore and tradition in Sāviena. Second part of the book includes the memorial manuscript of Janis Elmers, resident of Sāviena, ”Memories”.

Key words: Sāvs, Sāviena, archaeological investigation, study of local history

On the history of Georgia-Baltic interrelations

Translated by Arno Jundze

Review on the recently published book
This article written by Nicolay Dzavahisvili (Georgia) and translated in Latvian from Russian by Arno Jundze informs about the new book, published in Georgia (in Russian) on the history of Georgian – Baltic relationships. The author stress that the scientific editor of a book is the late Janis Stradiņš, former Chief of the Senate of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. The book is addressed to historians and other readers seeking for historical facts regarding relations between Georgia and European countries.

Key words: information about the book, Georgian-Baltic relationships

Conference “Latvian terminology in a hundred years”

Astrīda Vucāne

Recent conference in retrospect

Year 2019 earmarks 100 years after establishing of the Terminology Commission with the Ministry of Education in Autumn 1919. With this independent Latvia declared beginning of the national level care about the development of the national system of terms. In order to commemorate this festive event and to review the past. as well as to identify topical problems and to earmark future, on 3 October 2019, the Terminology Commission of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LZA TK) in cooperation with the Latvian National Library conducted conference “Latvian terminology in a hundred years”.

Key words: Latvian national term’s system, conference

In memoriam

Associate Professor of the University of Latvia, leading researcher of the Institute of Philosophy and sociology of the University of Latvia, dr. hist. Aleksandrs Gavriļins (15.07.1953–20.06.2019)

Foreign member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Professor, phd. dr. sc. Radegast Parolek (01.12.1920–15.09.2019)

Full member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Professor, dr. habil. oec. Edvīns Vanags (12.07.1938–24.09.2019)

In memory of Džemma Skulme (20.09.1925–09.11.2019), Honorary Member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences

President of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (1998–2004), full member of the LAS, Professor, dr. habil. chem., dr. h. c. hist. Jānis Stradiņš (10.12.1933–29.11.2019)