The Latvian marriage law 1918–1940 — continuity or discontinuity?
Keywords: marriage law, matrimonial property regime, legal continuity and discontinuity
Language: In English

The article looks at the Latvian marriage law and the development it took after Latvia had declared its independence on 18 November 1918: from the declaration of independence in 1918 via the Marriage Act of 1921 to the Latvian Civil Code of 1937.
For various reasons, the Latvian marriage law and the efforts by the then independent Latvian lawmaker in creating an own marriage law are a very good illustration of a somewhat ambiguous legal development. Ambiguous as it combines both continuity and discontinuity — something, which becomes especially visible in a period in which a new independent state is building its own legal system, where the turning away from the past into an independent own future quite naturally makes continuity meeting discontinuity.