Sustainable finance towards sustainable development. The Polish green banking case

Keywords: green finance, green banking, sustainability, financial products, environment
Language: In English

Green banking sector is a very important part of global economics. Green bank products and care about natural environment are not only a trend but also a way of achieving stable economic situation. Development of new technologies connected with Internet and digitalisation conduce the progress of green banking sector. Modern banks not only promote eco lifestyle but also create eco-credits, loans and grants for investors who want to engage in this field. Ecology is not only the matter for crazy environment defenders but also for businessmen and politicians. It is the future for global economics. This article presents the types of green bank products and the ways in which banks can support pro-ecological actions and projects. It also presents global trends in banking sector and in the economic situation. The authors present Polish green banks and their activities and operation in the ecologic field. Poland as a developing country focuses on renewing energy sources, recycling, energy-saving activities, and protection of natural environment. Polish government cooperates with banks and private investors to achieve the most satisfactory effect.