Relationship between Aleksandrs Čaks and Apkalns and Ausējs families

Keywords: Aleksandrs Čaks, Pēteris Apkalns, Longīns Apkalns, Longīns Ausējs, family history
Language: In Latvian

The research emphasises unknown pages of Latvian culture about a close relationship between the Latvian poet Aleksandrs Čaks (1901–1950) and Apkalns and Ausējs families — social workers, teachers and economists — mayor of Cēsis (1918), Minister of Education, Doctor of Sciences, Senior Assistant, Professor of the University of Latvia Longīns Ausējs (1885–1942), the Latvian Lutheran pastor, military chaplain in the Latvian National Armed Forces Pēteris Apkalns (1882–1942), and Longīns Apkalns (1923–1999) — composer, singer, publicist, and conductor. In order to reveal the family ties, the study makes use of L. Apkalns’ memories “Thinking About Aleksandrs Čaks”, written within a great time distance from the period of the described events — in the 1980s. Despite the fact that several factual errors appear in the memories, they generally do not diminish the author’s overall mood and personal characteristics of the 1930s and 1940s, when A. Čaks family not only spent holidays with Apkalns and Ausējs families, but they were together in daily work as well. The study also uses the materials of the Aleksandrs Čaks museum collection, where the correspondence collection includes letters to A. Čaks family written in the course of several years by members of Apkalns and Ausējs families, the book by L. Ausējs, Roads to Happiness (1936), and pastor P. Apkalns’ information leaflets from his services of worship.