Recommendations for assembling folk costumes by Aija Jansone. Thinking about the book and its context

Keywords: folk costume, clothing history, Latvia, Song and Dance Festival
Language: In Latvian

In this article, art historian Ieva Pīgozne introduces the collection of practical Recommendations for Assembling Folk Costumes, compiled by the ethnologist and Latvian clothing history researcher Aija Jansone, which was published in the summer of 2021. In this book, practical basic principles of assembling the Latvian folk costume are explained in a form accessible to a wide range of interested persons, and instructions and recommendations are given for its making and wearing. The need for such an edition has been facilitated by the needs of the Song and Dance Festival movement, as well as by constantly great interest of the Latvian society in the history of folk costumes and clothing history. The author of the article points out the goals of clothing history research and the skills required to achieve them, which covers not only the scientific theoretical field, but also practical aspects — skills in handicrafts and making of clothing, to be able to cope with the complicated studies of traditions and their maintenance in Latvian clothing history research.