Monograph Pedagogy. Reflections. Insights by Ausma Špona — a dedication to cooperation in the pedagogical process and to the human being as the highest value of society

Keywords: pedagogical process, education, self-education, self-realisation, cooperation, scientific research
Language: In Latvian

The monograph Pedagogy. Reflections. Insights by the University of Latvia emeritus
professor, Dr. habil. paed. Ausma Špona is a study based on humanist traditions, scientific
and personal experience, which systematises the theoretical foundations of the science of
pedagogy and reminds that education is a personal, social, and universal basic value. The
book has a logical, scientifically based content structure, it describes the subject of the science of pedagogy, the modelling of pedagogical activity, the nature of education and the
content of attitudes, the types of the pedagogical process in didactics, educational and
scientific research. The book reflects the desire to create a society where every human being
is personally important, and includes the professor’s “lessons for life”, disclosing her respect
and love for life, people — pupils, students, young scientists, family, colleagues — and the
profession of the teacher.