Idea management system types and creativity
Keywords: idea management systems, web-based idea management systems, creativity
Language: In Latvian

There are different idea management systems (IMS) application types, although there is a lack of research how different types of these systems influence creativity in organisations. The research aims to clarify how different web-based IMS types influence creativity in organisations. Research methods: literature review (data collection: systematic data collection from scientific data bases; data analysis: content analysis) and the survey of 400 enterprises with a web-based IMS experience (data collection: a survey (conducted by the authors of the paper); data analysis: statistics). Findings: IMS tools could be used by private, public organisations, as well by higher education institutions and research institutions. By involving all these organisations in the IM process, the creativity and thus innovation potential is increasing, but meanwhile the findings show that different application types of IMS systems have different effects on creativity. Active IMS offers better results related with creativity.