History and constitutional identity
Keywords: constitutional identity, constitutional patriotism, history of Latvia
Language: In Latvian

The article analyses the role of national history in the formation and preservation of constitutional identity. At the beginning of the article, the author explains the concept of “constitutional identity” in connection with the concepts of “national identity” and “constitutional patriotism”. The article analyses the foundations on which the “constitutional identity” of the country is formed, emphasises the importance of the national language and national history. The author analyses the complicated situation in researching the history of Latvia, which is still largely determined by the consequences of the occupation, that is, the history of Latvia has been rewritten several times in just over a hundred years, as well as the political efforts of modern Russia to “rewrite” the history of the Baltic States. The article emphasises the fundamental role of history in uniting the nation in “constitutional patriotism” or respect for one’s country and its Constitution.