Determinants of part-time employment: Lithuanian experiences in the context of other EU countries

Keywords: part-time employment, working time, involuntary part-time work
Language: In English

Part-time employment is the most widely used flexible form of employment in many countries across the world. According to Eurostat, an increasing number of European people are working part-time. However, large differences existing in European Union (EU) countries raise a question as to why some EU countries have part-time employment making up about a fourth of the total employment (like in Austria) while in others it accounts for just a few percents (like in Bulgaria). This paper aims at analysing drivers of part-time employment, its advantages and drawbacks, as well as part-time employment developments in Lithuania in the context of other EU countries. In achieving the above-mentioned objective, a particular emphasis is placed on the phenomenon of involuntary part-time employment both in Lithuania and in other EU countries, and on wage influence.