Centenary of the Constitution and the State of Latvia
Keywords: Constitution, constitutional law, national goals, welfare and culture, civic education
Language: In Latvian

The Constitution of Latvia is one of the oldest constitutions in Europe still in force. The
age of the Constitution of Latvia and also its unique historical development makes the Latvian constitutional system interesting for research from the perspective of the comparative
constitutional law.
The Constitution of Latvia obliged the State of Latvia to promote common welfare of society, especially supporting culture, innovations, and creativity. The main reason for a state’s
existence is the development of the national culture. Such development is possible only in
the democratic political system, which guarantees fundamental human rights, the rule of
law, and individual liberties.
The centenary of the Constitution of Latvia allowed to develop citizens’ civic education,
sharing knowledge of the Constitution in the society and strengthening individual’s democratic participation in the public life. Developed civic education is a necessary precondition
for the sustainability of the Constitution and the democratic political system in Latvia.