Archeological material in the contemporary mulieu of youth subcultures in Latvia
Keywords: subculture, symbols, mythology, Baltic culture, archaeological material, pseudo-religion
Language: In English

The article discusses the use of archaeological material in the Latvian youth subcultures. Subculture, similarly to the traditional culture, has its own values distinctive from those of the traditional culture. According to the values of particular subculture, the members of such group choose their heroes, rituals, and symbols. The ideology of heavy metal subculture is based on paganism. In Northern Europe, the ideological base of this subculture is formed by the ancient Germanic mythology, and its external manifestations include the so-called Thor’s hammer amulets, runes, T-shirts with Viking life scenes. In Lithuania and Latvia, the influence of Scandinavian mythology is not strong, mainly it is seen as wearing pendants from archaeological material, mostly Thor’s hammer. Instead of Scandinavian mythology here is common Baltic paganism, widely used are items made on the basis of artefacts found in archaeological material — pendants, brooches, rings, etc. Leading folk/pagan metal bands, e.g., “Skyforger”, promote the Baltic paganism and the most ancient history of the Baltic culture.