Anšlavs Eglītis — film reviewer in Hollywood
Keywords: Anšlavs Eglītis, Hollywood, films, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Screen and Stage
Language: In Latvian

The overview of Anšlavs Eglītis’ career as a film reviewer in the USA continues and complements Viktors Hausmanis’ article “Anšlavs Eglītis — theatre and film critic” published in 1996 in the collection Anšlavs Eglītis. In Front View and in Profile. This publication reveals 83 Anšlavs Eglītis — kino vērtētājs Holivudā the practical activity of Anšlavs Eglītis in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which included regular viewing and written evaluation of countless films, which was the main task of the members of this organisation. The specific character of Anšlavs Eglītis’ film reviews should be pointed out: in the films, the writer living in exile tries to see parallels and similarities with what was happening in Latvia. The reviewer is quite reserved about the films of the perestroika era in the USSR, which were the first to reach the screens of the United States. The abuses made by the communist regime and pain for the occupied homeland can be felt in the attitude of Anšlavs Eglītis as he writes about the films made in the Latvian SSR.