Ainārs Dimants’ monograph The Latvian Press in 200 Years has been published

Keywords: review of monograph, mass media, history of mass media, freedom of press
Language: In Latvian

Review of the monograph by Dr. phil. Ainārs Dimants, Latvian Press in 200 Years: From Latviešu Avīzes to the Age of Digital Media, published in 2023. The book presents a panoramic view on the history of the Latvian press. Political processes in Latvia are briefly captured to formulate the problems of both media and society for a comprehensive view of the media system. The author of the book considers three main problems of modern mass media in Latvia. The first one is associated with media concentration and digitisation, which, according to the author, create a series of problems. Media literacy and media ethics of the publishers themselves has left much to be desired for a long time. Inside the media, this leads to restriction of internal press freedom and editorial autonomy, but externally — to the loss of the biggest media capital — credibility and trustworthiness. Another problem is the low level of journalistic quality, which is associated with a lack of professional education of journalists and low self-understanding of the work in the profession. The third problem refers to the media and the political system — as connected vessels in which the quality of the media determines the quality of the political process in society, and vice versa.