About the Liv Coast in Kurzeme: a look back in time
Keywords: Livs in Latvia, Liv policy, events, heritage, cultural historical territory Liv Coast
Language: In Latvian

Livs are an ancient nationality living in the territory of Latvia having already hundreds of years of history. During the restoration of Latvia’s national independence in 1991, Livs were recognised as the second basic nationality along with Latvians. This was consolidated by the law of the Republic of Latvia, and in the following years the foundations were laid for
the formation of the national Liv policy. In 1991, the cultural historical protected area — the Liv Coast (in the Liv language Līvōd rānda) was established, which has now acquired a symbolic meaning. The article summarises the known facts and events, it is meant as a reminder to the present generations, who are responsible for creating the new Liv policy for the 21st century.