Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences

ISSN: 1407-0081

e-ISSN 2592-8848

DOI prefix: 10.53231

“Proceedings of LAS”, Section A, is anonymously peer-revied academic periodical journal of LAS, that publishes on a regular basis original articles of members of LAS and other authors, including foreign authors, on topical and important research issues, original results and findings of the theoretical and applied research, as well as problem articles, reflections on scientific discussions; and informs about current events in the scientific life in Latvia and LAS. The goal of “Proceedings of LAS”, Section A, is to become a scientific publication that is recognised in Latvia and abroad, is indexed in the main databases of scientific publications, and publishes articles that are appreciated and cited by Latvian, as well as by foreign researchers.

In the Section A of “Proceedings of LAS”, the covered  disciplines are: social sciences (philosophy, psychology, law, economics and management, demography, society, journalism, library science, pedagogy and education, political science and other), and humanities (arts, language, literature and folklore, history, architecture and other). 

The Section A of “Proceedings of LAS” publishes articles in Latvian, English and German. Articles should be supplemented by a summary in Latvian and English and brief information about authors in Latvian and English. 

Editor-in-Chief of Section A

Andris Pētersons

Phone: +371 29218882 


Language editors of Section A 

Arno Jundze


Vera Hohlova


Antra Legzdiņa,

Phone: +371 28814129


Address: Akadēmijas laukums 1, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia

The journal is published in a printed version and available electronically free of charge at its homepage