Proceedings of LAS. Section A. Editorial policy

The editorial policy of the academic journal “Latvijas Zinātņu Akadēmijas Vēstis” (Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences), Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences (Proceedings of LAS), strives to adhere to the COPE Core Practices.
The editorial policy describes in detail, how the main principles of publishing of the journal Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences as set forth in the “Statutes of the scientific journal of the Latvian Academy of Sciences “Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences”” are implemented regarding the Section A. It describes the aim and the scope of the Section A of Proceedings of LAS, the content policy, main requirements for submission of articles, type and procedure of peer review. It also explains how the decision on publishing is taken, describes publishing procedure, principles of selection of managers and editors of the journal, as well as peer reviewers. These principles are harmonised with the quality assurance system and publication ethics principles.
The editorial policy lists relevant normative acts and available administrative and technical forms, establishes journal’s standing (open access journal), explains availability of the journal and some technical issues.
Download full document „Editorial policy of the journal “Latvijas Zinātņu Akadēmijas Vēstis. A daļa: Humanitārās un sociālās zinātnes” (Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences)” for additional information.

Retention and archive

The period of retention of published manuscripts is two years after publication. Rejected manuscripts and manuscripts that were not improved after negative evaluation of two peer-reviewers and due to this reason were not published should be retained at least two years after the final decision regarding publication.

Published manuscripts are archived according to the existing normative regulation of Latvia. In compliance with the Legal Deposit Law (adopted on 20.06.2006) seven copies of each issue are deposited in the Department of the Library Stocks of the Latvian National Library. The full digitized collection of the journal (all issues and articles since 1992) can be found on the journal’s website and is stored in the National Library of Latvia.

Revenue sources

Publishing of the journal “Proceedings of LAS, Section A” is financed from the budget of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, attracted unconditional or targeted sponsors’ funds and other sources. Attracted financing should not influence editorial decision making.

Third-party advertising materials are not published in the journal.

Introducing the journal “Proceedings of LAS, Section A” and inviting the publication of articles, only true and non-misleading information is provided about its editorial and the journal.