Science life. Proceedings of LAS. Section A. Vol. 74 (4), 2020

Translation of the medieval chronicle into Latvian

Enn Tarvel

The article presents reflection of Enn Tarvel on the work of Latvian archaeologist and historian, academician Ēvalds Mugurēvičs, translation from the Latin and comments on Wartberg Hermann Livonian chronicle (Hermanni de Wartberge Chronicon Livoniae). The author of the article commends Ē. Mugurevičs, as well as all Latvian historians on important translations of medieval historical sources and chronicles, thus making them available to a wide range of interesting people, as well as supplementing the text with rich comments, source citations, and images. Estonian historian especially notes on the academician Ē. Mugurēvičs contribution to clarifying and supplementing the information provided by the author of the chronicle
with the latest facts in archaeology and history. Enn Tarvel is Estonian medieval historian, professor, translator and commentator of many sources of Livonian history.

Ilgonis Bērsons and his time

Raita Karnīte

The article reflects on the book of an outstanding Literary scholar, Honoured Doctor of the Latvian Academy of Sciences Ilgonis Bērsons “Time imprints. The life of Ilgonis Bērsons in the books, letters, memories and pictures”. Despite the personal story and the form of the diary, the book is of great public importance, as it reflects and characterizes an important period in the history of the Latvian state – 1947–1990. yearsz

Names of fishing tools at the Latvian coast

Brigita Baušmane

The article is a review on the book (2019). Since the 1960s, when B. Laumane opened a new page in Latvian linguistics – a comprehensive study of vocabulary (including dialectical) and research into individual thematic groups she has published six monographs on natural phenomena, marine, the name associated with them, including the name of the fish description from an ethnolinguistic point of view. In her latest book, the researcher has continued the topic of fishing.

In the middle of summer

Edvarda Šmite

In this article art scientist Edvarda Šmite expresses her impressions after visiting of two exhibitions of the outstanding colour master, painter Aleksejs Naumovs in summer 2020 (in Tukums and Sigulda). The article is enriched by three illustrations of A. Naumov’s works seen in the exhibition.
Edvarda Šmite is art historian and researcher. On 14 May 2019 she was awarded Honoured Doctor degree in the Latvian Academy of Sciences in art history. She has worked in art history and museums since the early 1970s. As a result of research work, articles, full with new discoveries about the 19th century have been created. cultural phenomena and personalities

In commemoration of electrician and inventor Jēkabs Barkāns

Ilze Gudro, Alīda Zigmunde

The article shows the life and engineering activities of the electrician Jēkabs Barkāns — a long-time lecturer at Riga Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and Riga Technical University (RTU), RTU emeritus professor, state emeritus scientist in the second half of the 20th century and in the early 21st century. The lifelong work of the inventor and pedagogue J. Barkāns is still echoed at Riga Technical University, where he trained future engineers and paved the way for several well-known Latvian scientists. He also worked for a long time at “Latvenergo”, performing research and obtaining patents for 66 inventions in addition to his daily work. J. Barkāns’ main research directions were the management of electric power systems, their automation and protection of power systems. At the end of the article, there are statements of contemporaries and successors praising electrical engineer J. Barkāns’ professionalism and human qualities as a scientist and a university teacher.

In Memoriam

IMANTS KIRTOVSKIS (24.01.1930–12.09.2020), Latvian economist, professor, Corresponding member of the Latvian Academy of  Sciences has passed away.

Foreign member of the Latvian Academy of  Sciences JĀNIS PENIĶIS (29.07.1933-24.09.2020), professor in political sciences, who was born in Latvia but lived and worked in USA, has passed away.

Farewell words to IVARS STRAUTIŅŠ (02.07.1942–12.11.2020), Honorary Patron of the  Latvian Academy of  Sciences (by Ojārs Spārītis, LAS president)