Jēkabs Raipulis

Dr. biol. Jēkabs Raipulis is a geneticist and has studied the influence of various unfavourable environmental and everyday life factors on heredity. Through the aspect of genetics he strives to analyse and interpret also the natural phenomena and the human. Has worked at the Institute of Microbiology of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS), Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology of the University of Latvia (UL), lectured at the UL and Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy. Has written textbooks and study aids in genetics, popular science books and articles about the human from a genticist’s point of view, human−environmental interaction, evolution problems and demography. Has participated in the activities of the Awakening time in Latvia, has been the deputy of Riga Town Council for several convocations. Doctor honoris causa of the LAS.

Publications in the Proceedings of LAS, Section A