Andris Kairišs

Andris Kairišs received his Master’s degree in sociology from the University of Latvia (2002) and Diploma in Law from the Police Academy of Latvia (2006). Since 2019, he has been a PhD oec. candidate at Riga Technical University.

Currently he is a manager of the nation-wide European Social Fund project in the field of reduction corruption and shadow economy. A. Kairišs has extensive experience in the law enforcement sector, as well as in the field of jurisprudence and museums. He is a developer
and manager of several national and international research and law enforcement projects concerning protection of cultural heritage, reduction of illegal turnover of cultural objects, and information exchange regarding art and heritage crimes. His research interests relate to legal, criminological and socio-economic aspects of protection, as well as development of the potential of tangible cultural heritage.

A. Kairišs is the author of a range of publications (published in Latvia and abroad) concerning protection of cultural heritage and law enforcement issues. He is a vice-chair of the Community on Illicit Trade in Cultural Material of the European Association of Archaeologists and a member of the Latvian Society of Archaeologists.

Publications in the Proceedings of LAS, Section A